Abuse Reporting Procedures

All abuse reports must be made via our abuse reporting form.

Once we receive abuse complaints, we follow the steps as listed below:

  • We determine if the complaint is directly related to usage of our services. For example, as we do not provide web site hosting, we are not the party storing or distributing any allegedly-infringing content, sending out email you may consider spam, etc.
  • If the complaint is directly-related to our services, we will contact the registrant and/or account holder and ask them to respond to the complaint within 72 hours. If they respond, and we find their response satisfactory as not being in violation of our terms, then we close the complaint.
  • If we do not receive a response within 72 hours from the account holder or registrant, and we find the report(s) in the complaint as in violation of our terms, then we may take additional action at that time.

Please note that we are not a shortcut around due process. We are not an arbiter of trademark, copyright, intellectual property, etc. disputes. There are established processes in place for dealing with many common disputes, but we are not to be used as a shortcut around those processes. We are also not a law enforcement investigative body. We are a domain registrar. We do not believe it is the role of domain registrars to determine what is legal and what is not. This is the purview of the legal process within the locales in which alleged offenses occur. Please do not contact us with the goal of circumventing the legal process. Remember that we are a domain registrar and not a government agency, a police force or a judge of legal matters. Please do not ask us to determine if content on a web site is legal or not. In the vast majority of such cases, that determination is not objective and there are nearly always areas of disagreement between parties. As a domain registrar, we are not to be used to render decisions on these matters unless directed to do so via a court or similar agency of adequate jurisdiction, or indisputable evidence that a violation of our terms has occurred.