About NameSilo

How to buy domains registered with NameSilo


Many people contact us asking to buy domains that are registered with us. Please understand that we are a domain registrar, not a registrant. This means that our customers use our service to register domains. We do not register domains on our behalf. If you are interested in buying a domain that is registered with us, please read below for the different options.

NameSilo Marketplace

We offer a Domain Marketplace or our customers to sell their domains. To see if the domain you are interested in acquiring is listed for sale in our Marketplace, please visit the Marketplace page and perform a search for the domain by typing it into the "Keyword Search" field. If the domain is available for sale in the Marketplace, then you can get more information for buying the domain at that time. We will not have any other information such as if the domain is available for a lower price, different terms, etc. Please remember that we are not the party selling the domain and therefore have no insight into if lower offers/bids would be accepted.

NameSilo Parked Page

Some of our customers use our parking system to develop small web sites for their domains. Some of these parked domains include a link to "Submit Offer". You can see if the domain is using a parked page with an offer form by visiting the domain name in your browser.

Contacting the Registrant

If the domain is not listed in our Marketplace and does not load a web site with the ability to inquire about or buy the domain, then your only other option is to contact the registrant directly. Our instructions for contacting registrants explains exactly what your options are for contacting the current registrant for the domain. Please do not contact us asking us to help facilitate the acquisition of a domain name.