Account Options

Billing Manager

The billing manager contains any stored billing profiles that you have created. A billing profile is your credit card number and expiration date as well as it's associated billing address. Storing billing profiles simplifies future ordering as you can select from your billing profile list for one-click purchasing.

Default billing profile

You can select one billing profile as the default for your account. The default profile is the one that will be used for any automatic ordering such as domain auto-renewals. It is essential that you keep your default profile up-to-date to avoid any issues with automatic orders. We will send email notifications to you in the event your default billing profile is about to, or already has, expired.

Card Nickname

The nickname you associate with your billing profiles is how they will appear throughout the site. For example, when placing a new order, any stored billing profiles will be available for selection using the nickname to identify the various profiles.


When creating any Sub-Users to associate with your account, you will have the option of specifying whether or not they should have access to use your stored billing profiles as the method of payment. Rest assured that your billing details are completely hidden in these cases, and only the nickname is displayed for selection.

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