About NameSilo

About Us

Where we began

We created NameSilo with the goal of offering a new type of registrar that appeals to people looking for a simpler, cheaper and better alternative to the companies already in the industry. As people with domain portfolios of our own, and having used many registrars ourselves, we believed that there was enough room for improvement to throw our hat into the ring.

Our Approach

Our fundamental approach is to offer domains and domain-related management for the cheapest prices possible, while not sacrificing quality, customer support or ease-of-use. For quite a long time we have maintained an unwavering focus on domains and did not venture out into other verticals such as hosting, email support, web design, search engine marketing or any other services that could impact our ability to offer the cheapest prices on the Internet. Now that we are confident that we have built solid domain services, we are extending our focus on hosting services as well.

Our Platform

We have developed our own domain registration and management systems and do not utilize the back-end platform of any other registrar. Many of our most notable competitors are reliant on systems developed and supported by third-parties. This has many potential problems and drawbacks including having to wait for upgrades, multiple parties being involved in domain disputes and other possible issues, and, most importantly, the fact that third-parties must be paid for their services which inflates the pricing to customers. Using our own custom platform also allows us to react quickly to customer requests and to implement custom solutions without needing clearance or involvement from any other company.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be a domain registrar that has something to offer the diverse range of people and companies that register and manage domain names. Please read our Why Us? page to learn more.