Email Forwarding

Email forwarding is automatically directing email sent from one address to a different email address. This is an important tool for many people with domain names who would like customized email addresses but do not want to create additional accounts for each domain. For example, if you had an existing email address of [email protected], and then registered the domain, you could use email forward to direct [email protected] to your existing [email protected] email address.

Free with every domain

  • 100 email forward addresses
  • Catch-all email forward*
  • Up to 5 addresses for each email forward

* While utilizing a catch-all account may seem like a good idea, typically their use should be avoided because of two problems they cause: 1) receiving a lot of additional spam and 2) incorrect/confusing email address use.

You can only utilize our free email forwarding service when using the requisite MX records for your domain. You will be notified if you are using our name servers and do not have the necessary MX records entered.


You can configure email forwarding for your domain by going to the Domain Manager page and then clicking the envelope icon under the "Options" column.

To create a new email forward, simply scroll down to the "Add/Change an Email Forward" box. In the "Email" field enter in the email forward you would like to create. For example, if your domain was and you wanted to create [email protected], you would enter "sales". You can enter "*" to create a catch-all account. In the "Forwards to" field, you would enter the email address to which email should go. Using the example above, if you wanted to forward [email protected] to [email protected] you would enter "[email protected]". If you want your email address to forward to multiple other email addresses simply click the "Add additional forwarding addresses" link and you can enter up to 4 additional email addresses.

To modify an email forward, simply click the icon in the "Edit" column. You will be directed to the "Add/Change an Email Forward" and your forwarding details will be pre-populated into the form. Simply make your necessary changes and submit the form.

To delete an email forward, simply click the icon in the "Delete" column.


We provide additional information for each forwarding-to address which you can access by clicking the icon within the "Reports" column. A pop-up window will open showing if the forward-to is active as well as a log of the last 50 emails sent to that forward. If the forward-to is inactive we will provide the reason on this screen.

Testing from Gmail

If you test sending to one of your email forwards from the same Gmail address that the mail is forwarded to, then Gmail will not deliver the mail in most cases. For example, if your domain is "", and you set up "[email protected]" to forward to "[email protected]", then you would not be able to email [email protected] from [email protected]

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