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Change of Registrant

Starting December 1, 2016, new ICANN regulations covering changes of Registrant go into effect. This ICANN regulation is covered within the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy covered on ICANN's web site at https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/transfer-policy-2016-06-01-en. We have updated our Terms and Conditions as a result.

New regulation overview

Until December 1, 2016, the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy only covered domains transferring from one registrar to another. As of December 1, 2016, the policy now also governs change of Registrant within a registrar. Most notably, the new regulations mandate the following:

  • Any material change to a Registrant for a domain is to be considered. A material change is anything other than a simple change such as to correct a misspelling.
  • Confirmation is to be sent confirming the changes and is not to be made by the registrar until confirmation has been made.
  • Both the prior Registrant and new Registrant are to be notified of the changes.
  • Any impacted domains are to be locked from transfer to a different registrar for 60 days unless the new Registrant opts out of that lock.

How has NameSilo implemented these new requirements?

We have endeavored to balance the requirements of the new policies and requirements with the ease-of-use our customers have come to expect when managing their domains with us. To that end, we have leveraged ICANN's allowance of a Designated Agent to both approve changes and opt out of any mandated transfer locks when changing Registrant information. In short, you explicitly permit NameSilo to act as your Designated Agent for purposes of compliance with the aforementioned policies. We have therefore updated our Terms of Service within the "AGENTS AND LICENSES" to grant us the ability to serve as your Designated Agent allowing us to automatically approve changes of Registrant and to explicitly opt out of any associated transfer locks.

What changes can I expect?

The only change you will notice related to your domains registered with us is that our system will send an email notification to Registrants if their information is changed. Also, if the email address is changed for a Registrant, both the prior and new email addresses will be notified. These emails will include the new Registrant information being used as well as a list of impacted active domains.

If you have domains with other registrars, you may want to inquire as to how they have implemented the necessary changes to determine if there is a larger impact to the management and ability to transfer your domains. We strongly recommend not changing Registrant contact information if you would like to transfer a domain to us, as doing so could result in the domain being locked for up to 60 days.

Can I opt not to have NameSilo serve as my Designated Agent in relation to these policies?

No, you cannot. All users in our system must agree to our Terms of Service which contains the Designated Agent provision.