Domain Manager

Manage Name Servers

You can add your own custom name servers (sometimes referred to as "glue records") to associate with your domains. Here are the steps to add/modify/delete registered name servers:

  1. Go to the Domain Manager page within your account
  2. Click the applicable domain name (it will be underlined in black)
  3. Click the "View/Manage Registered NameServers" link within the "NameServers" box

Each registered name server must have a "Host" as well as at least 1 IP address (most name servers will have only 1).

Important note regarding deleting registered name servers... You are restricted from deleting a name server if any domain(s) currently are set to use that name server. This is a rule enforced by the registries to prevent domains from not being able to resolve critical services. This is not a rule that is unique to NameSilo. If you would like to delete a name server, you must first make sure that no domains utilize it.

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