Why is my Domain Registered with NameSilo?

We occasionally get contacted by people who are not sure how or why their domain is registered with us. This page details a few of the possible reasons your domain may be registered with us if you did not place an order on our web site.

Expired and now registered with us

The most frequent reason a domain is registered with us when someone does not understand why is due to allowing the domain to expire at the previous registrar and one of our customers registering the domain. More specifically, if you're domain expired with your previous registrar and you did not renew it, then after the expiration process for your registrar completed, the domain became available for anybody to register. If you had a domain registered with a different registrar that expired and was registered by one of our customers, then you can attempt to contact the new Registrant to determine if they are willing to give or sell the domain to you.

Domain registered via a reseller

You may have registered your domain name with one of our resellers. You can assume this is the case if you paid someone other than NameSilo for your domain. If this is the case, please contact the reseller you paid for your domain for any support. If your reseller is not responsive, please see our Reseller Complaints and Policies article for further help.