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API Manager

We make an application programming interface (API) available to all users as a convenience to customers who have additional automation requirements. The API allows access to accounts via our users' own software as opposed to needing to log in through our web interface.

All API actions are logged and integrated with the Domain History and Domain Defender systems.

There are a number of functions that can be accessed via the API including:

  • Registering New Domains
  • Registering New Domains using Drop-Catching
  • Renewing Domains
  • Transferring Domains
  • Viewing Transfer Statuses
  • Updating a Transfer to Add/Change the EPP code
  • Updating a Transfer to Re-Send the Admin Verification Email
  • Updating a Transfer to Re-Submit the transfer to the registry
  • Checking Domain Availability for Registration
  • Checking Domain Availability for Transferring In
  • Listing all Active Domains
  • Viewing Domain Information
  • Viewing Contact Profiles
  • Adding Contact Profiles
  • Updating Contact Profiles
  • Viewing Portfolios
  • Adding Portfolios
  • Deleting Portfolios
  • Assigninig Domains to Portfolios
  • Listing current DNS records
  • Adding DNS records
  • Updating DNS records
  • Removing DNS records
  • Listing current DS (DNSSEC) records
  • Adding DS (DNSSEC) records
  • Deleting DS (DNSSEC) records
  • Updating NameServers
  • Listing Registered NameServers
  • Adding Registered NameServers
  • Modifying Registered NameServers
  • Deleting Registered NameServers
  • Add WHOIS Privacy
  • Remove WHOIS Privacy
  • Adding Auto-Renewal
  • Removing Auto-Renewal
  • Retrieving EPP Authorization Code
  • Forwarding Domains
  • Locking Domains
  • Unlocking Domains
  • List Email Forwards
  • Add/Change Email Forwards
  • Delete Email Forwards
  • Verify Registrant email addresses
  • Get Account Funds Balance
  • Add Account Funds
  • List Marketplace Sales
  • Add/Modify Marketplace Sales
  • Update Marketplace Landing Pages
  • View All Prices
  • List All Orders
  • View Order Details

We would like to hear from you if you have any API functions you would like to see added. Let us know!

API Manager Controls

The API Manager allows users to configure their API settings. As utilization of the API allows access to potentially sensitive information as well as modification to domain settings, please make sure to safeguard your API access information.

IP Address Restrictions

Users can enter up to 5 IP addresses to limit authorized originating API connections. Only systems operating on one of the provided IP addresses will be able to connect to the API when accessing your account. All fields can be left blank to allow connections from all IP addresses.


A unique API key is required in order to access the API. First time users will need to select the generation of a new API key before getting started. For our users' protection, the API key will be displayed only after submission of the API configuration form. There is no way to retrieve an already issued API key. In the event the API key is forgotten, the only option is to generate a new key.

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