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Email Forwarding Quotas

Our mail forwarding system utilizes various quotas to prevent mail delivery scenarios which can adversely affect mail server performance or degrade overall customer experience. Because all customers using mail forwarding utilize the same mail servers, it is possible for one customer to receive so much email that it can adversely affect other customers. The specific quotas that we utilize are adaptive to the environment and therefore are not listed here; however, they are extremely generous and should never affect normal use of the system.

The one area customers can sometimes run into problems with email forwarding quotas is if they use a catch-all account. Catch-all accounts can be problematic because they are prone to spam dictionary attacks. Basically what can happen is spammers will try to send email to thousands of different accounts under a specific domain (i.e. [email protected], [email protected], etc.) in an attempt to deliver spam to real email accounts, but because they do not know what the real email accounts are, they use thousands of deviations; however, with a domain using a catch-all account, all deviations get delivered. This can result in thousands of emails being delivered within only a couple hours and this can continue in perpetuity until the account is disabled.

If one of your email addresses is disabled due to a quota threshold being hit, you will receive an email notifying you of the problem along with a link to this article. Typically the best way to get around this issue, is to not use a catch-all account (the one that was disabled). In reality, catch-all accounts are almost always a bad idea (they occasionally have legitimate use scenarios). Instead, create the individual forwards that you need instead of relying on a catch-call account. Once you have set this up, spam dictionary attacks will no longer affect the associated domain and everything will work fine.

In the event you have an address that was disabled that was not a catch-all account, feel free to contact us if you want to explain the situation. However, please understand that our priority is to protect the mail forwarding system from abuse so that all customers can efficiently utilize this service.
There is also a limit on attachment sizes of 25MB.