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Domain History

The Domain History displays a complete log of all activity that has transpired with the domains in your account. This is an excellent additional level of security in that you can view every change as well as when the change was submitted and who made the request.

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You can view the following information on the main Domain History page:

  • Job ID
    The Job ID is a unique number that identifies the change request. If you have Domain Defender enabled for your account, you will be notified with the Job ID number in your email and/or mobile phone each time a job is completed. You can then view all of the impacted domains as well as other details by searching for that ID. Please remember that Job IDs can apply to one or more domains. For example, if you changed the administrative contact for 2 domains, they would both share the same Job ID.
  • Domain
    The domain name that the change relates to. If the domain is still active, it will be underlined indicating you can click on it to manage the domain.
  • Action
    A description of the type of change that occurred.
  • Date
    The exact day and time that the change was completed. Please keep in mind that this date reflects the day/time of the change internally within our system as well as the day/time we submitted the change to the central registries (if applicable). Therefore, your change may not appear at the central registry (typically in a WHOIS search) at the same time.
  • Source
    The source displays the method used to submit the update. Currently, the only sources are "Web Site" and "API".
  • User
    The username of the account that submitted the change. This will always reflect your username unless you utilize the sub-account system. In this scenario, if one of your sub-users submits the change request, you will see their username. ("N/A" is displayed for API submission changes)
  • Details
    A link to view more details concerning the change.

You can view more specific details by clicking on the "View Details" button. This will open a popup window with the same information listed above as well as the IP address of the user that placed the change request, and anything specific to that change. For example, if you updated the contacts for a domain, the details window will display which contacts were selected and for which roles.