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Frequently Asked Questions

The Transfer Manager displays the status of all of your incoming domain transfers. Transferring domains between registrars is a strictly regulated process that can undergo various paths before the transfer is completed. It is our goal to provide as much information as possible to keep you up-to-date on the status of your transfers.

As part of the transfer process, the Administrative Contact for your domain will be emailed with a link to verify your transfer request. The following reasons could be why you would want to re-send this verification email:

  • The Administrative contact fails to act within the requisite time
  • The Administrative contact rejected the transfer request but will approve other future requests
  • You have updated the Administrative contact associated with your domain at your current registrar

Transferring domains from a different registrar requires that you provide the authorization code for that domain. The authorization code can only be retrieved from the current registrar on record and there is usually a simple process that you can ask them about to easily access it. If you did not provide the authorization code at the time of your transfer request order, or if the authorization code you provided is not correct, a link will appear allowing you to enter or change it in the transfer manager page.

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