Automatic Renewals

Automatic renewal is a good option to help avoid losing your domain names due to expiration. It involves configuring your domains to automatically renew prior to their expiration date. We will alert you prior to domain expiration, but we understand that emails and other reminders can be missed which is why we recommend setting all of your domains to automatically renew.

Is automatic renewal required?

No, automatic renewal is not required for any of your domains. You have the ability to easily add/remove automatic renewal for each of your domains via the Domain Manager page.

When are automatic renewal domains actually renewed?

At the beginning of every calendar month, our system will attempt to renew any domains that expire in that calendar month. For example, if you had Domain A that expires on February 15, Domain B that expires on February 25, and Domain C that expires on March 2, our system would attempt to renew Domain A and Domain B on February 1.

How do I pay for automatically renewed domains?

We support 3 different options for renewing your domains:

  1. NameSilo Account Funds
  2. Stored Credit Card (default profile used)
  3. PayPal Account

You have the choice of selecting any or all of these options. Our system will keep you up-to-date regarding the status of your selections and alert you if inadequate funds are available, credit cards have expired or if your PayPal account can no longer be used.

We strongly recommend checking your renewal settings frequently to ensure that you don't miss out on renewing any domains you would prefer to keep.