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Domain Link

View all of your domains in one place... even if they are not with NameSilo!

Our Domain Link service is perfect for anybody with domains at multiple registrars. You can easily view critical information in one place such as the registrar, created date, expiration date, last updated date and name servers for all of your domains.

There is no software to install and the service is completely free for anybody with a NameSilo account. Of course we would like you to consolidate all of your domains with NameSilo (what are you waiting for?), but it is of even more importance for us to provide tools to help you manage your entire portoflio.

Throw away your spreadsheets, scrap paper and make-shift databases and use our Domain Link service to do the organization for you. We understand that keeping track of domains can be a headache, especially for people with large portfolios. Our system allows you to add an unlimited number of domains, 500 at a time, via text entry or uploading a file.

Never Miss An Expiration Date Again!

It can be difficult to remember the expiration date when domains are at multiple registrars. Many people rely on expiration email reminders from their registrar which is inefficient and could result in lost domains if email is not received.

To help you remember your expirations, we have added a visual calendar showing the expiration date for all of your domains... whether they be in your NameSilo account or with a different registrar.

You can also configure Domain Link to send you email reminders for domains registered with other registrars! You can determine if you would like to receive reminders and choose the number of days in advance of expiration to receive notification.

Get Started Today

Click here to get started linking all of your domains. Again, this service is completely free of charge. All you need is a free NameSilo account!