Account Options

Sub-Account Manager

The Sub-Account Manager displays all of the Sub-User accounts you have created that have not been deleted. Sub-User accounts can be used to safely allow other people to access your account. This can be especially helpful if you are not comfortable performing certain tasks such as updating your name servers.

When you create a Sub-User account, you create a username and password that you would like someone to be able to use to log in to our system. When that person logs in, it will appear to them as though they are logged into your account, and they will be able to perform a number of functions on your behalf. Any actions that they perform (such as ordering a new domain, renewing a domain, changing name servers, etc.) impact your account as though you made the change yourself. We log all of this activity and keep track of who performed each update. This allows you to always know what each Sub-User is doing and has done.

Payment Methods and Sub-Users

Sub-Users are able to pay via all of the payment methods we offer. You can also optionally configure to give each Sub-User access to other methods of payment specific to your account:

  • Stored Credit Cards
    You can determine whether or not to allow individual Sub-Users to select from your stored billing profiles when ordering services, you can rest assured that they will never be able to view your actual billing details. Only the billing profile nickname will be displayed for them to select.
  • Account Funds
    You can select whether or not to allow Sub-Users to utilize your account funds balance when paying for services.

Portfolio Access

You can restrict each Sub-User's access to only selected portfolio(s) of domains within your account. This feature allows you to prevent specific Sub-User's from making changes, viewing or adding to domains that are not in any portfolios as well as portfolios that they do not have access to.

Expiration/Deleting Sub-Users

When creating or modifying Sub-User accounts, you can optionally select to enforce an expiration date and time. Once that date and time has been surpassed, the Sub-User will no longer be able to log in to their account. If that expiration date has been reached, or you delete the Sub-User account, and that Sub-User is simultaneously logged in, they will be automatically logged out. Therefore, you can have peace-of-mind that once the expiration date/time has been reached, or you delete the account, there is no longer anything that the user can do related to your account.

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