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Reseller Complaints and Policies

If you have a domain that was registered via one of our resellers, partners, or is in an account you do not control, and the account holder is unresponsive, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Verify that the domain name is registered with NameSilo. You can do this via a WHOIS search.
  2. Send an email to the reseller and copy us at [email protected].
  3. If the reseller does not reply to you within 72 hours, forward the original email to us at the same email address with the subject of "Reseller Problem".
  4. We will then attempt to contact the reseller on your behalf. If they do not reply to us, or are unwilling to help resolve the dispute, we may work with you to transfer the domain to an account you control.
  5. We will reply to you and ask that you create an account on our system and email us with the username you selected. We must also receive a valid government-issued identification card matching the name found in WHOIS for the domain.

Other Reseller Topics

  • We will not get involved in any payment disputes with resellers. You will need to address any such issues directly with the reseller.
  • We will not vary from the steps listed above. Please be sure to follow the steps exactly to ensure the fastest result.
  • We will not make any changes to domains during the process listed above. We understand some changes are important to make quickly, but we must follow the steps listed above and allow adequate time for the reseller to respond.
  • If your information does not appear in WHOIS then there is likely not anything we can do to resolve your issue.