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Transfer Search Results

The Transfer Search Results page displays all valid domains that you entered which can be transferred at that time.

Your searches will be saved for the duration of your visit to the site. You can therefore feel free to browse other pages of the site and search for other domains without losing your current list. You may search for up to 500 domains at any time.

To remove a domain name from your search list, simply click the associated "X" in the "Remove" column.

If you searched for any domains that did not meet the valid domain search criteria, that list will be displayed for you as well.

Authorization Code

You do not need to enter the authorization code (also known as the EPP transfer code) at this time, but doing so will speed up the transfer process. You will have the ability to enter or change the authorization code for your domain within the Transfer Manager of your account area. An authorization code is a unique code that is required to transfer domains between registrars. You should be able to easily request the authorization code from your current registrar.