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Renewing Domains

It is important to ensure that you renew any domains that you would like to keep. This article covers the topics and processes related to renewing your domains.

What happens when domains expire?

Expiring domains go through several steps. We publish a complete guide covering what happens upon expiration on our Expiration Process page.

Will NameSilo remind me about upcoming domain expirations?

Yes, we send out multiple email reminders regarding domain expiration. You can find the schedule of our email reminders on the bottom of our Expiration Process support article. We still strongly recommend that you do not rely solely on these notices as emails can be missed, filtered, etc. We recommend logging into your account frequently to ensure you are aware when your domains will expire and have time to renew any domains you would like to keep.

How do I renew my domains?

There are 2 options for renewing your domains:

  1. Manual Renewal
    You can renew your domains at any time from the Domain Manager page in your account. Simply check the box next to the domain(s) to renew and then click the "Renew Domains" icon.
  2. Automatic Renewal
    You can set your domains to auto-renew. We have much more information regarding automatic renewals on our Automatic Renewals support page. In short, any domains set to auto-renew expiring in a calendar month will attempt to auto-renew on the first day of that month. You will be sent an email reminder for any domains set to auto-renew, and you will receive either an order receipt for successful auto-renewals, or an email alerting you to a problem for any auto-renewals which could not be processed on the first day of the month. If your domains could not be auto-renewed on the first day of the month, you will need to manually renew them on the Domain Manager page in your account per the option above.

How quickly are expired domains reactivated upon renewal?

We reactivate expired domains immediately once they are renewed. Please just note that it could take more time for you to be able to access your domain, email, etc. due to browser or DNS cache.