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Domain Defender

Domain Defender is a free service that offers increased levels of security for your account and protection of your domains.

Unfortunately, there are far too many stories of people and businesses losing their domain name assets due to malicious attacks. Activating Domain Defender for your account will go a long way in thwarting these potential threats.

We already surpass the security offered by many other registrars by maintaining a lock at the registry level for all domains, but utilizing Domain Defender provides additional peace of mind that your domains are safe. We provide these extra safety measures in a two-fold approach.

  • Account Protection - The most common security breaches related to domain names occur due to unauthorized access of the domain owner's registrar account. While strong usernames and passwords are a good first step, there are unfortunately many ways your information could get compromised. In order to combat this potential, we allow you to select up to 5 security questions that must be answered in order to complete any changes to your domain names. Therefore, if anybody gains access to your account without your consent, they would still be unable to make any changes without also knowing answers to all of the security questions you selected.
    What if I forget my Domain Defender answers?
  • Proactive Notification - Domain Defender can proactively notify you of any requested change to your domains. Notifications are sent via email and/or text message whenever selected change requests are submitted. You can even control whether or not to receive notifications for nearly 15 types of domain changes including name server changes, locking/unlocking domains, updating contacts and requesting transfer authorization codes.