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Domain Search Results

The Domain Search Results page displays the availability for all of the domains for which you searched. The results are displayed per domain extension/TLD. For example, your domain could be available with the .com extension, but not the .net extension.

Each result will begin with an animated icon indicating that the search is still processing. Once we receive the availability status from the applicable central registry, the animated icon will be replaced by one of the following status indicators:

Domain status is Loading
To place this domain in your cart
Domain is already registered and to make an offer for this domain

You can add multiple domains to your cart by clicking the add button near each of them. Pricing info and second year renewal cost will be shown next to the Add button. Once added to your cart the button will be replaced with a checkout button. To remove a domain name from your cart, simply click the associated near the checkout button.

In the Grid and Batch View you can register all available domain names by checking the applicable checkboxes and then clicking the "**Unknown**" button beneath the table.

Your searches will be saved for the duration of your visit to the site. You can therefore feel free to browse other pages of the site and search for other domains without losing your current list. You may search for up to 500 domains at any time.

If you searched for any domains that did not meet the valid domain search criteria, that list will be displayed for you.


The prices that are displayed are the regular, non-premium prices for each TLD, you will also be notified if said TLD is currently under a promotion for a Special price. "If the domain you select is a premium domain then the premium price will be shown once you add the domain to your cart.