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Domain Manager Home Page

The Domain Manager is where you can view the current status and settings for all of your domains as well as initiating modifications.

Take the Domain Manager for a test drive

Get more information on using the embedded search features

We make both a simple search and an advanced search available for you to locate your domains. The simple search is a keyword search that appears by default when you load the domain manager. You can enter any part of your domain name or first 2 name servers, press the "Search" button, and then any matching results will be displayed. You can reset your keyword search by clearing the search field and pressing the "Search" button.

The advanced search options can be accessed by clicking on the "Use Advanced Search" link underneath the keyword search field. Clicking that link will expand the advanced search options. Keep in mind that any criteria you select you use "and" logic meaning that the results will comply with all of your search criteria.

Actions for Selected Domains
The icons within the "actions" bar represent the different management options for your domains. The icons will be disabled until you select one or more domains. You can modify multiple domains at a time by clicking the checkbox next to all of the domains you would like to manage and then clicking the appropriate action icon.

Domain Grid
The domain grid will by default contain all of your presently active domains. The list of domains will be updated based upon any of the search criteria you selected. Within the domain grid are the following headers:
  • Checkbox
    You can select a domain in the grid by checking the checkbox to the left of the domain name. Checking the domain will highlight its row to indicate that it is currently selected. You can also select a domain name by clicking anywhere in its row. You can check all of the domains on the current page by checking the checkbox in the very top header row.
  • Domain
    This column contains the domain name. You can get more information on each domain by clicking its name.
  • Portfolio
    The current portfolio that the domain is within. If the domain has not been associated with a portfolio, "N/A" will appear. If you have had any domains pushed to you from a different NameSilo account, they will be automatically placed into a default "Pushed Domains" portfolio. We do this to make identifying and managing any such domains easier.
  • NameServers
    The nameservers currently associated with the domain.
    *For display purposes, we only show the first two nameservers.
  • Created
    The date the domain was originally created.
  • Expiration
    The date the domain will expire.
  • Status
    The current status of the domain. the following statuses may appear:
    • Active - The domain is active and there are no outstanding processes.
    • Processing - Any time you submit a change to a domain, it may take up to a minute or two for the change to be completed. We do not allow multiple simultaneous changes so your domain will be unavailable for other modifications while in a processing status.
    • Expired - The domain's expiration date has been surpassed without a renewal. Please read our section on expiration statuses to learn more concerning domain expirations.
  • Options
    This column displays the status current status for the following options:
    • Transfer Lock
    • WHOIS Privacy
    • Auto-Renewal
    • DNS Setting (Parked, Forwarded, Custom NameServers or Custom DNS)

    You can click on any of the icons to change the associated status.

Certain column headers (Domain, Portfolio, Created and Expiration) are sortable. To sort by one of those columns, simply click the blue column header. You can reverse the sorting by clicking the column header a second time.

Processing Domains
Certain requested changes can take a few minutes to complete processing. During this time, we do not allow other changes to be requested. If you see that the status of one or more of your domains is "Processing", wait 30-60 seconds and refresh the domain manager and the domain should return to an "Active" status.

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