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5 Types Of Corporate Philanthropy Programs For Businesses

Corporate philanthropy benefits a business significantly. Through voluntary activities, supporting causes close to your business, and donating to charitable organizations you promote a culture of giving to communities and societies, build a strong sense of responsibility towards your community, and inspire the younger generation of employees to participate in philanthropic initiatives.

Corporate philanthropy can range from financial contributions to employee volunteering programs. While it may cost you some money to implement a philanthropic program, it can turn out to be highly beneficial for your small business, community, and employees. If you can provide significant support to your community, the cost is justifiable..

If you plan to make a shift and incorporate philanthropic programs, here are five ways you can do so and grow your small business.

Create An Online Presence

In today’s digital-centric world, having an online presence is highly essential. When you implement corporate philanthropy, you want to promote it to get as much support from your audience as possible, and what better way to promote than to build a strong online presence for it.

An impactful online presence needs an impactful name, just like the ones with the .sbs domain extension. .sbs is a short and innovative domain extension that stands for Side By Side. It is targeted towards individuals, organizations, entrepreneurs, welfare groups, and activists who want to spread awareness about a particular cause and grow side by side. The positioning of .sbs as a domain extension makes it the perfect choice for your small business’s philanthropic initiative. For example, www.joy.sbs is a great name for a charitable initiative geared towards underprivileged children.

Incorporate A Matching Gifts Programs

One of the most popular corporate philanthropy initiatives is matching gifts. About 65% of fortune 500 companies have incorporated matching gifts programs. But what is a matching gift program? Employee matching gift programs are corporate programs that match employee donations to qualified non-profit organizations. It is an efficient means of doubling your contribution.

Usually, companies set parameters on how they would like to contribute. For instance, when an employee raises $2,000 to a particular charity, the company matches it by raising the same amount, i.e., for a total of $4,000.

Corporate matching donation programs are an excellent way to make more donations to eligible non-profits by employees. However, remember that it will depend on the internal promotion of these programs for employees to participate.

Collaborate With A Local Charity

Businesses that work together with local charities can give back to their communities while connecting their employees to their philanthropic objectives. In addition to significant financial donations, hundreds of small organizations need support in several other ways, such as hands-on volunteering. Participating in whatever way possible can be used for your corporate philanthropic initiative and get your brand’s name out there. You will not only give back to your community and make a difference, but you will also strengthen your brand.

Cash-free Donations

Donations without cash include donations such as appliances, equipment, or services. Partnering with companies with specific expertise is one of the best ways to make cash-free donations available to your organization.

Would you like to upgrade your computer? Why not ask an organization within your community? Looking for a graphic designer? Search for a local company that does an excellent job. You may be surprised to learn that they are more than willing to help and often extremely talented.

Activities For Fundraising

How to make philanthropy fun and exciting? Include activities, games, and events for your employees that can also help raise funds.

Imagine if there was an award or medal for fundraising called ‘fundraising match.’ Instead of receiving a trophy, you could choose to donate instead. Which would be more satisfactory?

There are usually two ways for companies to give fundraising matches. Some offer a fixed reward to every employee participating in a walk, run, skip, hop or jump. The other way is for companies to donate funds of equal or greater value to the amount raised by an employee for a specific activity, such as a 3K run.

Why It's Important To Have An Online Presence For Your Philanthropic Initiative

We did mention above briefly about creating an online presence for your corporate philanthropic program, but here are three reasons why it is crucial.

You Get To Connect With More People

Having a large audience that supports your initiatives and goals can be a huge advantage for your corporate philanthropy program. A strong website can help you achieve that. A wider audience also makes hosting and holding bigger events possible for charitable organizations. In general, a larger audience can help an organization to be even more successful.

Allows You To Communicate With Your Community

A dedicated and committed community of supporters is at the heart of any organization, whether they be followers, donors, volunteers, employers, members, or simply people connected with its mission.

When people identify as members of your community, it is essential to keep them updated about everything going on with your initiative. This can be best done through regular communication, such as sharing your progress or engaging them in recent campaigns.

Posting social media updates also makes it possible for your organization to communicate with its supporters.

Engaged supporters can quickly become your organization’s ambassadors by showing your social media networks that they support your cause and encourage others to join.

It’s A Great Marketing Tool

A crucial reason why your corporate philanthropy program should have an online presence is that it helps with marketing. Having a landing page for your philanthropic program can help people understand the cause and help them be more accessible to share and donate. The use of other channels like social media provide even more opportunities to make known and raise funds for charities.

The online presence of your corporate philanthropy program should be at the very top of your list of priorities. There are many advantages, and it would be suitable for the charity and the cause it serves. Your philanthropic initiative can help your primary business gain more attention and create awareness about your brand in front of your audience.

Final Words

There you have it! Five efficient and simple ways you can integrate corporate philanthropy in your business.

The rise in corporate philanthropy is evident, with more and more companies implementing it in their business models. It works great for growing your business while also helping your communities to grow side by side.

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