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Want To Boost Your Instagram Traffic? Here’s How In 7 Great Tips

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Instagram doesn’t make it easy when it comes to getting traffic flowing. Other social platforms may be more user-friendly when it comes to adding direct links in posts but, with a bit of ingenuity and some focussed strategies, it is possible to drive traffic reliably for your business. Here’s how to harness this platform to steer traffic to your website.

1 Bio Fuel

You probably set up a link to your Bio on your profile when you first began using Instagram and were given the option to link to your website. It’s a good idea to re-visit this page and keep it up to date because one of the key things about this facility is the ability to update it as many times as you like and to point to any page on your site – not just your homepage. 

Links are a great way to keep your content current. It’s also important to do a little maintenance and make sure that your links point where you want them to, rather than outdated information. For this, you will need to use a “link-in-bio” utility. The best type of this tool to use is one that enables a smooth transition from your Instagram page to your site by providing a similar “look and feel” and has the flexibility to tag images as links.


2 Make Your Feed A Shopfront With Tags

Use Instagram Shopping to attach product tags. This sends traffic onto your site from your Instagram feed. There are a couple of ways to do this. Firstly, you can make a post shoppable to allow your audience to click through to your site in the standard way. Secondly, you can use tags in video posts for a more dynamic user experience. One thing you must appreciate, though when doing this: You can only add up to five tags in a video post, but if you are creating carousel posts, you can add 20 product tags. This is an instantaneous and organic way to flow user traffic onto your site but to use it, you must meet the platform’s eligibility criteria, have a business account and connect to a Facebook catalog.


3 Links in Direct Messages

Encourage your Instagram followers to start up a conversion with you in DMs. You could get the ball rolling yourself by sending a welcome message to any new followers, which will build dialogue and foster a relationship with your followers. You can also send any links that may be relevant to the discussion.


4 IGTV Posts

Use the clickable links in IGTV posts to guide viewers to your site. You can prompt users to open your video descriptions by inviting them to click on the link during the video itself, or by simply adding text to the IGTV title that encourages them to click on your link.


5 Story Links In Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can be utilized to add a link to your site –  if you have more than 10 thousand followers or a verified account – this is when this capability is unlocked. To make this viable, you must ensure that the bottom frame is clear so that the “See More” text can be seen and your audience can be prompted to act.


6 Develop Instagram Stories Highlights

By grouping your linked stories and permanently featuring them on your profile, you can extend their life beyond 24 hours. This is what the Highlights feature allows you to do. By carefully choosing stories that won’t date, you can develop another traffic stream.


7 Influencers

Building a brand can be difficult at first. Using the pulling power of established influencers may be the key to gaining a higher profile. However, when choosing from the thousands available, consider how they reflect on your brand and the business you are building so that they are promoting you to your best advantage.


Creating a flow-through from Instagram may take a little more ingenuity than on other social media platforms, but this valuable and popular resource can be navigated and yield great results for your business using a little dedication and the guidance above.

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