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NameSilo is one of the only 15 registrars with over 3 million active domains. Whatever you or your clients need, you’re sure to find the most cost-effective domain prices with us. We have over 400+ domain extensions you can choose from, including the standard .com, .biz, to the more expressive. shop, .cyou, and more.

NameSilo has the cheapest domain registration prices. We also offer services such as hosting, email, SSL, and Premium DNS to complete your online experience. WHOIS Privacy, Email Forwarding, Domain Defender Protection, Custom WHOIS Records, and DNS Management also come 100% free!

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It only takes three simple steps to register your domain name with NameSilo. For more details on how to do that, check out this quick tutorial.

To purchase hosting go to our hosting page here and choose the hosting plan that suits you best.

We cover the multiple ways you can set up your email as well as different options for receiving emails addressed to your domain name in our support article here.

We accept over 150+ payment options! You can learn more about that here

To activate SSL, first purchase a credit on the SSL page:, then go to the Hosting Manager page and click the Activate button and choose [email protected] in the required space.

Note: Before activating SSL make sure to create a Titan [email protected] email and check that it is set up correctly to receive emails since SSL activation emails will be sent there.

Once active, the last step is to have your domain open with https:// to show that it is secure. Look for the ‘Domains’ icon in your cPanel and on the next page change the slider ‘https://’ to ON.

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