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American Express (Amex)

At NameSilo, we accept a variety of web money payments and have a secure, enterprise-grade system to ensure safe, fraud-free transactions for our customers around the world.

The American Express credit card can be used for online payments and is accepted in more than 130 countries, worldwide.

Amex Perks:

Contactless payments
24/7 service and support from Amex
A wide range of supported currencies
Accepted by the majority of vendors globally
Easy, instant, processing for virtual transactions
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Customer Support

You can find their different Customer Services numbers
on theirContact us page

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New York, New York, United States

How to Pay With Your your Amex

Once you purchase your first NameSilo product, we automatically generate a NameSilo account that you can modify and save as a billing profile.

To know more about managing your billing profiles, click here.

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You can add or modify billing profiles at any time.
Please keep in mind that we will place a $0.01 authorization when either of these actions are submitted in order to verify the authenticity of the credit card.
This authorization will be automatically dropped from your credit card statement within about 30-45 days depending upon your financial institution.
You can permanently remove any credit cards from your account, with the exception of the account default, at any time.

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