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How To Become A Domain Reseller?

When a particular industry booms, multiple avenues of business appear. With the expansion of the World Wide Web and the ever-increasing number of websites, dozens of distinct online businesses that have been started from the comfort of one’s living room have emerged.

As domain names have become an in-demand commodity, the domain name registration industry has generated new business avenues for smart entrepreneurs. One such avenue that doesn’t get much attention is domain reselling.

This business model represents a fantastic opportunity for individuals and organizations to make profits based on reselling previously registered domain names. Domain reselling is basically the activity of buying domains from domain registrars on behalf of clients who want to develop brand-new websites but encounter difficulties in securing a domain in the direction they want.

If you’ve been mulling over the possibility of starting your domain reselling business, this blog post is for you. You can take a look at what domain reselling is, what it takes to run a reseller business, as well as how to get your business off the ground.

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Who Is A Domain Registration Reseller?

First things first, a reseller is a person or a company that buys products or services to sell to others for a profit. Domain name resellers shouldn’t be confused with speculators who register domains, develop and host websites and then sell them to gain economic profits.

Domain name resellers, or domain registration resellers, are representatives or agents of domain registrars. What they do is they buy domain names from domain registrars on account of their clients who want to establish a website but find it challenging to get a desirable domain name of their choosing.

Such clientele usually approach domain registration resellers who explore various alternative domain names and purchase a domain of choice for their clients. Domain resellers typically get a commission fee from the domain registrar, make a margin on the domain registration cost when reselling the domain name, or bundle the domain names altogether with the services and products they offer to their clients.

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The Emergence Of The Domain Name Reselling Business 

Establishing a domain registrar calls for a serious investment in infrastructure, and recovering the start-up costs can take a while. And in the current ultra-competitive and overcrowded marketplace, beginning a new domain registration company can be a risky proposition because of the small margins and need for large volumes to make the business viable.

However, becoming a domain name reseller calls for a significantly lower investment. It’s comparatively easy to launch a domain name reselling business. Becoming a domain name reseller is a low-cost way of entering the domain name market. This is the main reason why domain name reselling has grown as a widespread business extension or diversification for many digital marketing agencies, web designers, web hosting companies, freelancers, etc.

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How To Become A Domain Reseller?

There are two ways to become a domain name reseller. The first one is to approach the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the international non-profit organization that regulates the domain name industry. ICANN offers guidelines and regulations for accredited agencies and demands you to have a certain level of assets. Once you become an accredited provider, you will get lower costs on domain name registrations.

Alternatively, you can use an ICANN accredited domain registrar that offers domain name reselling packages. To become a reseller, you will need to create and register an account with a web hosting firm so that you can host the domain names you resell.

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Like all other serious businesses out there, a domain name reselling calls for elite business practice, marketing, and hard work. Registering and reselling domain names requires buying domain names. As the market is already flooded and new domain resellers are entering the market each day, becoming a domain name reseller is not a business venture for everyone.

Even though the business’s nature is unpretentious and straightforward, not every domain reseller makes profits. To become a successful one, you need to have the ability to market your services well and lure a significant number of clients for the business to be profitable. If you have all that it takes and want to test the waters, feel free to sign up for a reseller account with NameSilo and conquer the domain reselling industry.

The Benefits Of Reselling Domains

Reselling domain names is quite similar to real estate. If you own the right domain and right word combination, then the domain offers a lot of potential, just like a real estate location. In case you’re a bit resourceful and ready to learn quickly, you will undoubtedly enjoy the benefits that come with the professional resale of domains. These benefits include:

  • Domain reselling doesn’t take too much effort. Signing up for a reseller account is simple and comes with tools like 24/7 support and automated billing. 
  • It certainly doesn’t take a ton of technical knowledge. For a tech-oriented business, the bar is pretty low with domain reselling. 
  • Support is included. NameSilo’s reseller program offers a world-class support team available at all hours, 365 days of the year.
  • Domain reselling can be a simple add-on service. In case you have an existing digital business, SEO, or design agency, you can easily add domain reselling as an additional service, helping you add a repeated revenue stream to your existing business.


Tips To Boost Your Domain Reselling Business

Set Attractive Pricing

If you wish to attract more clients to your domain reselling business, make sure to set attractive pricing to your offering. That being said, select a reseller plan that promises to offer lucrative discounts for the domains.

If you choose to work with a registrar that will charge you exorbitantly, chances are, you will end up selling your domain names at a higher price as well. When choosing a domain name registrar, choose carefully and select the best possible reseller plan to offer your clients the best reseller prices.

It would be best to consider certain factors, like determining the best price when you purchase the domain, thinking about your prospective clients that will buy your domains, and what price will give you the maximum profit.

Make Sure To Display Special Offers And Promotions

Just as you’re always attracted to special offers and promotions, the same can be said about your clients. If you want to boost your domain resale game, think about displaying discounts on your packages, so that prospective buyers feel prompted to buy from you. Also, think about launching special promotions, especially during the holiday season, to encourage your potential customers further.

Always Think About Customer Satisfaction

Your clients will do business and would like to stick with you only if you keep them happy. That’s why customer satisfaction plays a vital role in you increasing your domain reselling business. Ensure that you offer first-rate service to your clients in terms of plans, offers, and overall customer support.

Not only this, but you can also ask your client for feedback to identify various aspects of your business that you can improve. Feedback is golden because it helps you acquire new customers and maintain an excellent relationship with the current ones.

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Why NameSilo?


NameSilo’s domain reseller program is a one-stop-shop for reselling domains, hosting, and other services. We offer domain names at the lowest prices possible with the possibility to white label all NameSilo services and brand them as your own! Become a profitable domain reseller with us – it’s easy, lucrative, and absolutely free to join. Here’s how NameSilo can help your reseller business grow: 

  • NameSilo’s domain reseller program is 100% free from cost. Should we say more? Create an account on our website and visit the Reseller Manager page to complete the setup. 
  • We offer bulk discounts. All price rates are based on the volume of purchase using our Discount Program. This means that the more your business grows, the more money you save and the greater your profit margins!
  • API integration and Third-Party Service Integration. We offer our domains directly through your preferred platform. We offer an API to process the required registration and management functions. Furthermore, we also have various modules available for many of the most popular reseller platforms. 
  • We provide access to 300+ TLDs. Our vast selection of TLDs will make sure that your clients find the perfect fit through you. Whether they’re looking for something more established like .com or .net, or want to promote a unique identity with TLDs like .vegas or .best, you will be able to provide them with what they precisely need. 
  • Great customer management. You can manage your customer accounts through our API and Third-Party Service Integrations. We make multiple options available to private-label our services. 
  • 24/7 Support. Our top-class support team is available at all hours, 365 days of the year.

Final Thoughts On Domain Reselling

Don’t wait any longer and kick-start your domain reselling adventure. As a business, domain reselling is not difficult to start, and all you need to do is find a reliable and renowned domain registrar. At NameSilo, we have the lowest princess for domain names, a free API, add-ons, and bulk discounting. As a NameSilo domain reseller, there’s plenty of leeway for you to profit more.

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