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Your Ready-Made Guide To A Successful Content Promotion Plan

For many brands, they understand that content marketing is the key to customers’ hearts. By building tailored content around your audience, you’ll build brand loyalty alongside awareness, creating lifelong customers who are committed to your brand. However, you can’t just spray content across the web and hope it catches – a content promotion plan, detailing your content generation process and a calendar for publishing content is essential to getting the greatest return on investment out of your marketing budget.

Here’s a ready-made guide to a content promotion plan. These simple steps guarantee a successful content strategy, every time.

1) Identify Your Audience

At the centre of any successful content promotion plan is a strong idea of your audience – only with this knowledge can you perfectly tailor content to the interests, challenges and constraints of your targeted individuals.

Begin your content campaign by building a picture of your target audience – what are their values and commitments and what are the specific solutions that you’re offering them? You can utilize demographics (age, location, economic status) to determine the channels they’re likely to be found on, determining the direction of your campaign, and you can begin to understand the way they interact with content.

For some audiences, densely worded blog posts will engage and thrill them, whereas others will prefer video content or infographics. A successful content promotion plan builds its content around its audience.


2) Know Your Goals

Content promotion plans can have a variety of aims, and it’s important to vocalize these prior to commencing any promotion. Scattershot content, without directed aims, will always be ineffectual in the digital sphere.

Whether you aim to increase brand awareness or boost organic traffic to your site, these goals need to be measurable through your determined metrics. Having a strong sense of your goals, an objective way of measuring your progress and an articulated timeline will enable you to streamline your content promotion plan for the strongest results.


3) Generate A Process For Content Creation

When you set out on your content creation journey, you were able to determine the kinds of content your specific audience engages with the most. Whether you’re creating Instagram stories or technical blog-posts, creating a strategic process for building this content will allow for consistent messaging across your campaign – this will ensure your content is instantly connected to your brand, every time.

A content timeline should start with the generation of a topic – following on from this you can assess the necessary keywords, and then build an outline for your topic. Before publishing any content it should be passed through an editing stage, so it meets the high bar for quality you’ve associated with your brand.

Finally, publish your content on the appropriate channel. If it’s email marketing, it’s heading straight into your customers’ inboxes whereas content for a social channel will be published on your feed. Determining the appropriate channel for your content is essential for placing it in front of the right audience.


4) The Calendar Counts

Building a calendar for your content will enable you to publish content on a schedule, maintaining a consistent degree of engagement with your audience. Consistency is key for content strategies – without it, you aren’t building on your earlier success. Use a content calendar to capitalize on the engagement your content generates.

Mapping out your content on a Google calendar will ensure you never miss a day. Further, you can utilize scheduling functions on many social channels such as Facebook and Instagram, preprogramming posts to be published at times when engagement is guaranteed to be high.


5) Optimize Your Content

Digital content exists in a dynamic world and so it’s essential that you measure the outcomes of your content promotion and return to each step, tweaking and tailoring your plan to optimize your content.

By identifying KPIs (key performance indicators) for your content – such as unique page views or conversion rate – you’ll be able to see the ways in which your content is successful, or missing the mark. Keep your content promotion plan on a trajectory for success by building measuring and optimization into your content strategy.

That Contented Feeling

A successful content promotion plan will place your brand ahead of competitors in the marketplace. By building trust, loyalty and awareness amongst your customers you can ensure the longevity of your brand in a competitive world. Get that contented feeling.

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