Domain Parking

When parking a domain with us, we will publish a mini-site that contains your domain name, relevant content and ads. Anyone who types your domain name into their browser will arrive at your mini-site. Listed below are some of the benefits of parking your domains with us:
  • It's Free! - There are no fees associated with NameSilo domain parking.
  • Earn Money! - Unlike other sites that only offer a percentage of revenue, we allow you to keep 100%!*
  • Customize! - Easily control the content, meta tags, layout and color scheme of your parked domains.
  • Get Offers! - You can configure your parked page to solicit offers to purchase your domain name. You keep 100% of the sale price!
*You must have a valid Google AdSense account to receive revenue.

Content Controls

We provide you with many configuration options for customizing the appearance and content of your parked pages. As with nearly all of the other domain management functions, you can modify just one, or multiple domains at the same time.

Ads and Tracking

Within the Ads and Tracking area you can configure your advertising and analytics settings. We currently only support advertising using Google AdSense, but other advertising platforms will be added in the future. All you need to get started is an AdSense account and to create content ads fitting the required dimensions. Each page will contain the maximum allowed 3 ad slots and we will provide the specifications needed for each ad. We also allow you to attach your Google Analytics tracking code to gain visibility into the traffic and browsing trends on your parked pages. Finally, when managing the parking configuration for a single domain, an additional field labeled "Google Authentication" will appear. You can utilize this field for verifying your parked domain with Google's WebMaster tools.

Content Configuration

You can control the pages and content to include with your parked domains. We allow you to configure the META Title and META Description as well as the content to appear on your home page.

You can also configure keywords to help our system better understand your site. This is important as it relates to the following pages that you can optionally include:

  • Topical Videos - Automatically add topical videos directly from YouTube
You also can include a form to collect offers from people interested in purchasing your domains.

Colors and Layout

You can use the colors and layout area to select from one of our layout templates. Our templates have been tested in all relevant web browsers and versions and also make use of the ad sizes and placement most recommended by Google. You can also select to utilize one of our pre-defined color schemes or create your own. All configuration options use intuitive point-and-click interfaces that provide flexibility and easy of use. Lastly, you can control the font and font size.
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