Domain Tools

Being that the domain name business is the only business we are in, we have focused a good deal of energy and resources to bring you industry-leading tools for the management of your domain names. Whether you have 1 domain or 1,000,000, it is essential to have the right tools at your disposal to perform any maintenance tasks. To this end, we have striven to offer industry-leading tools that allow you to easily access all pertinent information related to your domains, as well as to make any changes in a streamlined and time-saving fashion.

We have provided a few examples of these tools below. Please keep in mind that what you see below are only samples of the many tools available to you when choosing NameSilo for your domain registrations and management.

Domain Manager

Extension Portfolio Expires Within Characters Locked Private Auto-Renew DNS

Seen above, the Domain Manager is your snapshot for current information regarding your domains. Among other things, you can see at a glance which domains are nearing expiration, use various services such as parking and forwarding, belong to one of your preassigned portfolios and are set for domain privacy or not.

Managing your domains also could not be easier. First, you can locate the domains you would like to manage by using the keyword search, or one of the many Advanced Search options including filtering by domain extension, portfolio, lock status, privacy status, auto-renewal status, DNS settings, and when the domains expire. You can also set the table to show various numbers of results and easily page through results if multiple pages are available. Once you have located your domains, simply select one or all and then choose from the available "Actions".

The sample above is for demonstration purposes only, but should give you a good idea what will be available to you when choosing NameSilo.

One-click Integration with Popular Services

We offer one-click integration with several popular services as found on our Using DNS Templates support page. You do not need to fuss with name servers, DNS records or propagation (when selecting a service during registration), and you can be up an running in minutes!

Secure API

We make an application programming interface (API) available to all users as a convenience to customers who have additional automation requirements. The API allows access to accounts via our users' own software as opposed to needing to log in through our web interface.

You can find much more information, including our API reference guide, by visiting the API Manager page.

Sub-User Accounts

With NameSilo, you have the ability to create an unlimited number of Sub-User accounts as part of your account. Sub-Users are other people you can designate to have access to certain domain management functions. For example, if you are uncomfortable making changes, such as name server updates, you could create a Sub-User account that would allow a different person to make those modifications for you.

You can also rest assured that you have the flexibility to maintain complete protection over your account. For example, you can limit your Sub-Users to access for a given period of time and select whether or not you would like them to be able to place orders using any of your stored payment profiles (of course, your payment information is never displayed). Also, you can delete any Sub-User accounts which will immeidately remove that access and also log the Sub-user out of your account if they are logged in at the time of deletion.

Domain History

As pictured above, we maintain a complete history of all changes to your domain names for as long as you are a customer of NameSilo. This type of information can be extremely helpful for a number of reasons, and is available in a user-friendly yet powerful interface.

API Modules

We have integrated our API with the plugins/modules listed below. It is our goal to help you manage or resell our services in the easiest ways. Please let us know if there are any other platforms you would like to see us support.

  • WHMCS Module For WHMCS version 5.3x (last updated April 28, 2014)
  • WHMCS Module For WHMCS version 5.2x (Last updated February 21, 2014. No more 5.2x updates will be made)
  • HostBill