Why Us?

What you will find with NameSilo...

  • The price you see is the price you will pay - or you might pay less thanks to quantity discounts!
  • Clean, fast and easy registration, renewal and domain management processes
  • You keep 100% of any revenue earned from parking your domains
  • Multiple levels of available security to keep your domain assets safe
  • Consistent, straightforward pricing for registrations and renewals

What you will not...

  • Constant bombardment of ancillary service offerings
  • Additional fees for things like privacy, DNS management, parking, web forwarding and enhanced security
  • Confusing pricing, minimum order requirements, bait-and-switch offers, loss leaders
  • Hidden charges such as ICANN fees, renewal upcharges and processing costs
  • See exactly how many people have left their registrar behind for NameSilo on our Transfer Comparison Page

We believe we have a lot to offer for people in different situations, and hope you'll take a few minutes to learn more about what we can offer to you:

What are you looking for?

We pride ourselves on providing the lowest everyday domain prices on the Internet. We are able to offer such low prices due to our focus on domains and nothing else. We do not incur the expensive overhead associated with the infrastructure, staff and promotion of other ancillary services. We do not need to inflate our pricing to cover costs such as expensive celebrity spokespeople, vanity phone numbers, Super Bowl advertising, or non-domain-related technical and support staff. There are certain costs associated with running an effective domain registrar, but we are fanatical about avoiding non-essential expenses which allows us to keep our prices so low. We are in the domain business and no other!

We also do not utilize the backend platform of any other registrar. Many of our most notable competitors are reliant on systems developed and supported by third-parties. This has many potential problems and drawbacks including having to wait for upgrades, multiple parties being involved in domain disputes and other possible issues, and, most importantly, the fact that third-parties must be paid for their services which inflates the pricing to customers.

Spending more on a domain elsewhere does not make it better. Registering a domain with us is no different than anywhere else... you register the domain of your choice, for the period of time you want, and we do this like anywhere else - just for less money and no nickel-and-diming for services that should be free!

Don't just take our word for it... compare our prices to those of our competitors!

Unfortunately, domain names are amongst the most sought after targets of hackers, phishing scams and fraudsters. There are far too many horror stories of people and companies losing their rightful domains. Simply protecting your account with a username and a password has proven to not be adequate for the domain name industry.

We provide a number of enhanced security options to help protect your domain name assets. First, all domains are always locked at the registry level. This is different than just preventing transfers as made available by other registrars. We actually prevent any changes to your domains at the registry level. Next, we offer our Domain Defender to help protect your account and domains from unauthorized access and malicious attacks even if your username and password are compromised.

We have built our site with ease-of-use in mind. Our registration, transfer and renewal processes are quick and easy without the bombardment of service upsell offers synonymous with most other registrars. This focus on usability does not come at the expense of configuration opportunities or any other options customary with the ordering of domains. Get your domains and get on with your life!
We make many powerful tools available to you for managing your domain portfolio. Our domain manager allows you to organize and search for your domains based upon multiple criteria. You can perform all operations on a single domain or in bulk. Our tools allow you to control a portfolio of 1 or 1,000,000 domains with ease!

Who are you?

Need a few domains for your business or blog? Use NameSilo to find the cheapest domains on the Internet. We will not bombard you with confusing offers or bait and switch our pricing. There is no need to rely on your registrar for services such as web deisgn, hosting, search engine marketing or your email. There are companies whose core-competancies are providing those services, and there are many free options as well provided by leading companies. If you are just looking to register a few domains in a hassle-free environment, and not worry if you are over-paying, we are the right registrar for you!
Are you in the domain business? Do you have a large domain portfolio? We have a lot to offer you:
  1. The more domains you have, and the more price savings can have an impact. We're sure you've already seen that we are committed to offering the lowest total cost of ownership domains on the Internet. You don't have to worry about registering or renewing on certain days with special offers, or waiting for coupon codes to pop up online just to pay low prices. We also don't nickel-and-dime you for services like WHOIS privacy, extra security or API access, and we will never charge you more for a renewal than a registration of the same TLD.
  2. We have built our domain management system with domain professionals in mind. You can perform all of your operations on a per-domain basis, or in bulk. Organize your domains into portfolios and operate on all of them at once. We also make an API available for common domain management tasks.
  3. Do you have domains with multiple registrars? Use our Domain Link product completely free of charge! Domain Link allows you to view all of your domains in one place no matter how many registrars you use. This service is invaluable if you are currently relying on old spreadsheets, scraps of paper or some other manual system for keeping up with your domain portfolio.
  4. We offer free parking of your domains and the ability to keep 100% of the advertising revenue generated. You can also optionally include a form to collect domain purchase offers and integration of your Google Analytics account for tracking of page activity.
  5. Gain peace of mind using our Domain Defender enhanced security options for free to protect your domains and account from malicious attacks.
Please contact us with ideas to enhance our offerings for domain professionals.
It can be discouraging as a web design professional to refer your customers to most other registrars since they not only offer competing products and services, but then promote them front-and-center during the registration and renewal process. Rest assured that when referring your customers to NameSilo, we will never offer services other than domain registration and management.

We also offer a powerful and secure sub-account system in case you need to manage your clients' domains. They can have peace of mind knowing you can't access sensitive data, and you will have the capability to help them with everyday tasks.

  • cheap
    Find the cheapest domains on the web with NameSilo!
    No hidden fees. No upsells. No bait and switch... Just cheap domains!
    You don't have to qualify by ordering other services, placing minimum orders, or worry about fees getting tacked on before purchase. The price you see is the price you pay!
  • easy
    Just want to get your domain and get on with life?
    At NameSilo, we believe registering and renewing should be fast...
    We will never bombard you with offers for services you don't want and are already getting elsewhere. Just select your domain names, fill out a 1-page form, and get on with your life!
  • secure
    Secure your domain name assets and get peace of mind with Domain Defender
    Don't be another victim of malicious domain name attacks and changes!
    Unauthorized changes to your domain names could result in serious damage to your business. Prevent simple mistakes and keep hackers from compromising your valuable assets.
  • tools
    Who said "cheaper" meant sacrificing quality?
    We put powerful tools in your hands to manage your domains.
    Take advantage of our best-in-class domain management tools. Easily categorize, locate and modify your domain settings one-by-one or in bulk. We also offer a secure API for common domain management tasks.