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You may cancel your renewal within 3 days of purchase. Cancelling a renewal will result in permanently deleting the domain, except in the case of automatic renewals. To cancel a renewal, log in to your account and visit the Order History page. Click on the order number containing the renewal you would like to cancel and click the red “X” in the “Cancel” column to process your cancellation.

Please read Section 5(c) of our Terms and Conditions in order to understand the ramifications of cancelling a renewal.

This means that you have enabled the discount program in order to benefit from our lower pricing. One of the requirements to participate in the discount program is to use account funds to fund your account with $50. Simply go to your account funds page:, add funds using one of the available methods. You will then be able to use account funds you have added to pay for your order. If you want to turn off the Discount Program so you can use your virtual card on a pay-as-you-go method, you can do so here: but it means you won't receive the discounts anymore.

Please make sure not to turn the Discount Program on and off continuously though bc the system has checks in place and it's not supposed to be get repeatedly turned on and off.

Check that you are entering the correct address and CVV for your card. If you are entering any special symbols for the address please try using latin letters only with no special symbols. If payment is still being declined it is usually being declined by your bank. You can always send us a message to [email protected] and we’ll gladly double check it for you.

This often happens when you have tried to pay with Bitcoin in the past but didn’t actually send the BTC to the address that was generated for you more than once. Simply open a ticket by sending us an email to [email protected] and our accounts team will reset it for you.