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To purchase hosting go to our hosting page here and choose which of the hosting plans fits you the best.

Most common reason is that you haven’t set Name Servers of your domain to our hosting ones. Simply go to your domain manager and change the Name Servers of your domain to and Please make sure to delete old ones and wait 48 hours for propagation.

If you are using 3rd Party Name Servers like Cloudflare or any others create an A record pointing to “Shared IP” you can find on right bar when logged in your cPanel

To access your cPanel, please visit your hosting manager page here and just click on the log-in button under “Actions”. A new tab will open in your browser with cPanel.

Log into your cPanel here, navigate the UI of cPanel to WordPress “icon” on next page, then choose to “Install this Application”, fill out the details there and click ‘install’. Once installed you will be able to access wordpress admin page in

Make sure you have set Name Servers of your domain to and or have added flockmail MX records to your domain without either of these two options you won’t be able to send emails.

To set-up your Flockmail log into your cPanel. When logged in, look for “Add/Manage Email Accounts” icon. After clicking on it simply create an email you wish. To access it click on the Webmail icon in your cPanel and login with your newly created credentials.

To activate your SSL purchase one of the possible SSL credits in the SSL page:, after you have at least 1 credit go to the Hosting Manager page and click the Activate button and choose [email protected]* in the details required to fill out.

*Before activating make sure to create a flockmail [email protected] email and check that it receives emails and is set up correctly because that is where SSL activation emails are sent to.

Once active, the last step is to have your domain open only with https:// to show that it is secure. Look for ‘Domains’ icon in your cPanel and on the next page change the slider of force https:// to ON