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If you haven't pointed your domain anywhere this is the default state of your domain upon registration.

To remove our parking page, please remove the DNS associated with parking in your DNS Manager page, or simply point your website anywhere using A or CNAME records.

Yes, you can. To do this, please go here: and check the box beside the domain name you wish to park, then click 'Parking Manager' along the top. On the next page adjust the content and click 'Submit' once completed to save the changes.

Google no longer supports ads on parking manager. We are in talks with Google to see if this could be brought up in the future. If you wish to monetize your parked page we suggest taking a look at various 3rd Party parking options.

You can configure email forwarding for your domain by going to the Domain Manager page and then clicking the envelope icon under the "Options" column fill out the forwarding details here. Make sure you are using our dnsowl Name Servers and have applied email forwarding in DNS page of your domain. To do so simply click blue globe icon under options in your domain manager for the domain, then on the next page scroll down and look for Email Forwarding template, just hit the apply button and submit in the pop up window that opens.

More information about email forwarding here: