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  1. To set up or turn off auto-renewal, you can simply login to your account and then head over to the Domain manager page here: https://www.namesilo.com/account_domains.php
  2. Check the box beside your domain name and click Set Auto Renewal. On the next page, set it to Yes/No and click Submit.
  3. Make sure you have chosen auto-renewal method in your Renewals Manager here: https://www.namesilo.com/account_renewals.php that will be used for renewing your domains Please note, you'll need to ensure there is a valid payment method in your account in order for auto-renewals to occur. You can check here to ensure you have a verified CC (if you see green check, should be good to go): https://www.namesilo.com/account_billing_profiles.php. If you would like auto renewals to be taken from ?

Please note that cancelling these renewals will result in your domains getting deleted if they're expired. If you still want to move forward with the cancellations, please log into your account, navigate to the Order History page, select the renewal orders you wish to cancel and click the red "X" to cancel them. If done within 3 days of the renewal, you'll receive a refund. Please read the full details here: https://www.namesilo.com/Support/Cancelling-Orders

To manually renew your domains, please go here: https://www.namesilo.com/account_domains.php, then check the box beside all the domain names you wish to renew and click Renew Domains along the top. On the next page, select the payment method you wish to use to renew.

Registries treat all manual-renewal cancellations as if issuing a refund for *all of the recent renewals. This means that once you request a refund for your manual renewal, even if it is right after automatic one, your domain will be instantly put into Pending Delete status and deleted shortly after. Please visit our support page below on how to cancel your order and issue a refund: https://www.namesilo.com/Support/Cancelling-Orders

This means that the domain has already entered restore period, the 34th Day of expiry, and it can only be renewed during this period using the registry restoration process. You can still renew the domain through your account, but the cost will be $75. This increased cost is due to the much higher cost we need to pay to the registry for the manual restoration of the domain. You can find out more information about this process here: https://www.namesilo.com/Support/Expiration-Process