Tearms and policies
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If you believe we can help with your phishing complaint please file a report here.

We do not allow anybody to send email using our system. Therefore, if yours is a spam issue, please direct your complaint to the network/provider(s) used to deliver the email. It is too easy to spoof domain names or otherwise incorrectly implicate a domain name related to spamfor us to investigate complaints.

If you are the copyright holder and believe your rights are being infringed, we recommend you file a DMCA complaint with the hosting provider of the infringing website. Unless the website is hosted with NameSilo its content is not under our purview but that of the host.

We are only a domain name registrar and as such we cannot remove, validate or control content posted on the site. Content on web sites falls under the purview of the host, not upon the domain name registrar. You will need to contact the host of the website who has control over this or the registrant of the domain directly to resolve this matter.

Please follow the instructions on how to contact registrants. If the reseller has not replied to you we will push the domains in question to you.

You have 3 options to buy a domain registered with us:

  1. Domain Marketplace: You can see if the domain you are interested in is listed for sale in our Marketplace. You can search for the domain you are looking for by using the �Keyword Search� field.
  2. Parked Domains: Try visiting the domain in your browser to see if the domain is parked. Some parked domains include a �Submit Offer� link that you can use to try to purchase the domain.
  3. Contacting Registrants: You can try to contact the registrant directly. To do that, follow the instructions on the support page for contacting registrants.