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You can buy a domain registered with NameSilo in our marketplace if it is listed for sale. Additionally, some parked domains include a “Submit Offer” link which you can use to try to purchase the domain from its owner. To check if the domain is parked and open to offers, simply visit the domain name in your browser. If none of these options are available for the domain you wish to buy, you may still choose to contact the registrant by following the instructions on the support page for contacting registrants. Beyond this, we cannot help you facilitating the acquisition of a domain name.

To offer your domains for sale visit the domain manager page in your account, select the domains you would like to offer for sale and click the “Sell Domains” icon above the list containing your domains. You can find more information about the marketplace in the marketplace support page.

You will be able to select a payout method immediately or 7 days after payment has been received based upon the method of payment used by the Buyer. We currently offer account funds, wire transfer or PayPal as payout options. Please note that in some cases it might be longer before funds can be paid out to avoid any potential chargebacks and fraud.

Go to the marketplace manager in your account home page. Select “Active Sales” at the top, and then check the box for the domains for which you want to customize the sale page. In “Actions for Selected Domains”, select the “Landing Page” option (it has a “FOR SALE” icon). This will open a page where you can select and customize the sale page template for the chosen domains.

Follow these steps (or watch this video) to set up your G Suite:

  • In your domain manager page, click the blue globe icon next to the domain for which you wish to set up G Suite.
  • Answer your domain defender questions if you use domain defender.
  • Make sure your domain is using our default name servers. A bold, red message will appear at the top of the DNS manager page if it isn’t. If it is using our name servers, skip the next step.
  • To change to our default name servers, click the link in the message from the previous step and choose to apply our default name servers on the subsequent page (name server changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate). After this, return to the DNS manager page as instructed above.
  • Select the G Suite template from the bottom of the DNS manager page. A window will appear - click “Accept”.