Starting With My Own Website
So just bought my first domain, what do i do next?
Registering a Domain
Acquiring Webspace
Combining domain with my hosting
Starting With My Own Website
So I've just bought my first domain, what do i do next? For every website to have it up and running there's two essential things that are necessary - one is the domain name like and second part of having your own website is a place to host it - a webspace. There are various offers for the hosting and it all depends on your needs - how much space, features and others things you are looking for. But for our very first site Starter plans are usually more than enough with space and features they have.
Registering a Domain
But what do I do if I don't have a domain? How can I register my domain name? Before we register a domain, we need to think of an awesome name and extension that will attract visitors to our website. There are hundreds of interesting extensions available like .ninja , .beer , .pizza , .yoga and many many more! Ultimately this choice is up to you to decide on coolest sounding domain name available! Once we've decided on a great name registering the domain is as simple as entering our chosen name in a Domain Registrar and paying for it, prices tend to vary depending on extension and registrar but several of them go for as low as ninety-nine cents!
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