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Resell NameSilo domains and services for a more affordable price and higher customizability, with BoxBilling. BoxBilling is an open-source reseller platform for e-commerce websites. It also includes automated billing, invoicing, and a client portal. BoxBilling has a strong community, 100+ integrations, and a customizable interface so you can edit depending on your needs.

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More about BoxBilling

How to configure NameSilo in BoxBilling

Refresh Domain registration page, click on Registrars tab, then click on edit icon in Namesilo row.

How to activate the NameSilo module in BoxBilling

1. Copy Namesilo.php file to your BoxBilling's installation src/bb-library/Registrar/Adapter/ folder.
2. Go to Configuration arrow Domain registration arrow New Domain registrar tab
  • (url link: /bb-admin/servicedomain)
3. Click install icon.

How to get your API key

To get your API Key, log in to the panel.

From the right menu, choose API Manager and complete the form.

  • Type ip of your BoxBilling installation
  • Check: Generate New API Key
  • Accept API terms of use
  • Submit the form

Once you receive the API Key, copy it and save it in a safe place.

Have more questions about the installation? Contact us at

[email protected]

Easy Reseller Platform Integration

Access our readily available modules for top reseller platforms such as WHMCS, HostBill, and more.
We have a free API and make third-party integrations easy so you don’t have to go elsewhere!

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Resell domains the easier way

NameSilo API Modules

We want to help you resell and manage our services in the easiest way possible! That’s why we’ve integrated our API with the most popular reseller platforms. If there are other platforms you would like to see us support, please let us know.

Resell our domains and services minus the hassle

Become a NameSilo Reseller

Still have some questions?

Check out our answers on how to become a domain reseller and more below

1. Create a new account on NameSilo website.

2. Visit the Reseller Manager page to accept our reseller terms and conditions.

3. Congratulations, you are setup as a reseller!

1. Third-party Service Integration

We have modules available for many of the most popular reseller platforms such as WHMCS, HostBill, Blesta, BoxBilling and Clientexec.

2. API Integration

We offer our API for free. If you have the requisite programming capability, you can create an entirely custom reseller web site using our API to process the necessary registration and management functions.

We offer discounts via the NameSilo Discount Program.

Our regular pricing is already among the lowest in the world. We also never charge for any add-ons such as WHOIS Privacy, email forwarding, domain parking etc.

As you add more domains to your account, you will qualify for even lower pricing when using our Discount Program.

The combination of our already-low pricing as well as free add-ons leaves room for virtually any reseller to sell domains at a good price and still make money.

If you’re looking to add in your own products and services then you can offer more value to your customers and grow a very profitable business!

We make every effort to allow private-labeling our service for resellers, however, there is no method for entirely hiding ourselves as the underlying registrar. Beyond the mandatory places our name must appear, we allow private-labeling virtually all other interaction with our system for your customers.

For example, you can replace your name with ours in system email notices, landing pages for actions such as transfer approvals, etc. You can also select to use a generic website with no branding (other than an optional logo you can upload) for when your customers need to use a web site for actions like WDRP review, email transfer approvals, etc.

Finally, you can customize WHOIS output with your name in the "Reseller" field as well as adding messaging to WHOIS output for thin registries (such as .com and .net).

You can read more about the private-labeling and other options made available via our

Support Reseller Manager