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NameSilo Account Funds

At NameSilo, we accept a variety of web money payments and have a secure, enterprise-grade system to ensure safe, fraud-free transactions for our customers around the world.

Your NameSilo Account Funds is the exclusive digital wallet that you can use to securely and instantly purchase any Namesilo product with your account. Of course, we definitely accept payments via this method!

NameSilo Account Funds is a decentralized system with no single, official managing body.

As an open-source digital currency, use and management of NameSilo Account Funds is up to the network, so there is no single point of contact.

You can learn more about NameSilo Account Funds here.

No minimum deposit is required!
Even faster purchasing.
Purchase marketplace domains without waiting.
Auto-renew services without needing to store a credit card.
Order-related API operations can make use of the funded account.
Give Sub-account users another option for making payments.
Avoid processing fees for order returns and cancellations.

How to Pay With Your your NameSilo Account Funds

Once you purchase your first NameSilo product, we automatically generate a NameSilo account that you can modify and save as a billing profile.

To know more about managing your billing profiles, click here.

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You can add or modify billing profiles at any time.
Please keep in mind that we will place a $0.01 authorization when either of these actions are submitted in order to verify the authenticity of the credit card.
This authorization will be automatically dropped from your credit card statement within about 30-45 days depending upon your financial institution.
You can permanently remove any credit cards from your account, with the exception of the account default, at any time.

Methods for funding your NameSilo Account

Verified credit/debit card already associated with your account or

wire transfer

Automatic Replenishment

You never need to worry about running out of account funds with our automatic replenishment program. All you need to do is to set your minimum threshold and replenishment amount, and once your balance goes below your threshold we will automatically add funds to your account!


No fees for verified credit/debit card, verified PayPal, Bitcoin or verified Skrill account funding.

We charge a $15.00 fee for wire transfers.


Fees associated with account funding, if any, will be deducted from the deposit amount. For example, if you sent a wire for $500.00, your account would reflect $485.00 (representing the initial $500.00 deposit minus the $15.00 wire transfer fee).

All funds must be sent in US Dollars

Complete account funding Terms & Conditions

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